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Dogjaw is a hungry young power-trio hailing from an obscure corner of West Virginia called Fort Ashby. Guitarist Jim, Drummer Kyle, and bassist Tim all grew up together in a tight-knit local music scene and, at a very young age, took it upon themselves to set up a venue and book DIY shows for touring bands both notable and unknown. With so many bands from different scenes and sub-genres coming through the venue and influencing the local music culture, dogjaw formed as a means of expressing thier own specific musical identity. With just a few demos and a handful of shows under thier belt, they recently began work on their debut full length, "Pilot". The whole album was recorded and produced by Kenny Tompkins (the christmas lights, new god) in just five sessions at red diamond studio in Cumberland, MD. The music spans many genres effortlessly and maintains a garageband-heart at its core while still being polished to its full potential.

Dogjaw is: Tim Ryan - bass / Jim Price - vocals/guitar / Kyle Wagoner - drums