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Unity.Knowledge.Peace 7"

2008 · Solidarity Recordings

Call for Arms was a political minded punk rock band from the San Diego area, who one of the members ended up playing in Run Barbara Run, Wardogs, and now For.The.Win.

Track Listing
1. Sweetwater
2.You Wanna Go Where Everyone Knows Your Name
3. Guns Don't Kill Poeple, Cops Kill People

Random shades of Purple/Pink vinyl - /300


Single File 12"

2008 · Solidarity Recordings

The debut full length from one of Chicago's greatest bands. THE HONOR SYSTEM played emotionally and politically charged punk rock; complex music with thought provoking lyrics in a similar vein as early Jawbreaker, Jawbox, or Hot Water Music. Featuring ex-BROADWAYS guitarist/vocals, Dan Hanaway, and drummer, Rob DePaola. First put out by Asian Man Records on CD, after 8 or so years, Solidarity Recordings is pressing this great record on vinyl. Included will be liner notes from Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Chris McCaughan (The Lawrence Arms, Sundowner), Brian Moss (Olehole, Hanalei, The Ghost), and Randy Stahl (Solidarity Recordings). Truly a great record, by a great band. If you love The Lawrence Arms or the Broadways, you will for sure love The Honor System!

Track Listing
1. Nails
2. The Blaming Game
3. Saints
4. Decompose
5. Facelift
6. Flight
7. Fool's Gold
8. Muffled By Concrete
9. Sit Pretty
10. Wax Wings


Clear Orange with Black and White Splatter /400
White with Black and Orange Splatter /100

Spread The Disease

2008 · Solidarity Recordings

The WARDOGS (now known as For.The.Win.) hail from San Francisco, CA. Bringing us a strong dose of punk, punk, and more punk. This is a co-release between Asian Man Records and Solidarity Recordings.

Track Listing
1. Neckline
2. Fight Back
3. Wasteland
4. Wake Up!

Solidarity Clear Red /250
Asian Man Clear Yellow /250
*Includes dropcard for digital download


Solidarity 2008 Holiday Compilation

2008 · Solidarity Recordings

30 tracks released just in time for the Holidays!

Track Listing:
1. The Hot Toddies - Santa Baby
2. The Atom Age - One Minute to Midnight
3. Lemuria - Mechanical
4. Anchor Down - El Radio
5. For.The.Win. - Another Day
6. Olehole - Chimps Night Out
7. The Queers - I Can't Stay Mad At You
8. O Pioneers - Dead City Sound
9. Echoes of Harpers Ferry - Endangered Species
10. I-Spy - Appliances and Cars
11. imadethismistake - Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee
12. Anchor Arms - Cold Blooded
13. Hanalei - One Big Night
14. Slow Fade - A Day In Slow Motion
15. Pteradon -Hey Freddie Mercury
16. Like Claw - Ache (Jawbreaker Cover)
17. The Action Design - Connect/Disconnect
18. Wayne Arms - A Kind of Revolution
19. Mike Park - Crowd (Operation Ivy Cover)
20. Bastards of Young - New Reaction
21. The Ghost - Gem, Mint Ten
22. Ok Pilot - Are You Afraid of the Sting
23. The Honor System - Muffled by Concrete
24. Yeti Hands - Goodnight Firefly
25. Amanda Stahl - Run Away
26. Arms Aloft - Comfort at Any Cost
27. Success! - Trains, Planes, Bicycle Mobiles
28. The Damage Done - Teen Bop Hit Factory
29. Get Dead - Leave a Message
30. Hanalei - Moth to Flame

Digital Download Only


Steel To Dust

2009 · Solidarity Recordings

Six Song Debut EP. Released on Solidarity Recordings. EP is on 12" Colored Vinyl. Includes dropcard for digital download!

Track Listing
1. Bromancing The Stones
2. El Radio
3. Crass-A-Nova
4. Never Was A Lesson Learned
5. Red Ink
6. Word War 1

Clear (Record Release) - /50
Periwinkle Purple - /100
Orange Swirl - /400


The Black and the Blue

2009 · Solidarity Recordings

Debut Record on Asian Man Records and Solidarity Recordings.

~Stay Gold!

Track Listing
1. Let It Begin
2. Another Day
3. Choke
4. Attack
5. For The Win
6. I'm An Outsider
7. Burned At Both Ends
8. Pick This Loch
9. Dirty Rock & Roll
10. Neckline
11. Die Young

Black (Tour Press)- /50
Cream Soda Clear - /100
Opaque Blue - /400


This Is A Hospital

2009 · Solidarity Recordings

The Ghost - This Is A Hospital originally on CD on Some Records, is being pressed on 12" colored vinyl for the first time on Solidarity Recordings! This was The Ghost's debut record, Brian Moss went on to do Hanalei and Olehole. With retrospective liner notes and the whole schbang!!!

/100 - Black (ONLY available at Reunion Shows while they last)
/100 - White (Solidarity Exclusive)
/400 - Clear Green


Yeah, Whatever

2009 · Solidarity Recordings

Noise By Numbers hail from Chicago, IL. Featuring Dan Vapid from Screeching Weasel, Methadones, and the Riverdales on lead vocals and Neil Hennessey from the Lawrence Arms on Drums. This is the debut release for this Chicago four piece that finds its influence from 80


Kill Surf City

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

The Atom Age are from Berkeley, CA (east bay) and bring you some 21st rock n roll that will make you wanna dance! Think of Rocket from the Crypt meets Less than Jake. It has that rock n roll meets punk attitude...very fun! This is there debut full length! Ryan (guitar/vox) also fills in on drums with The Queers!

*Vinyl coming soon!



2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Punk as fuck. Influenced by bands like FIFTEEN, CRIMPSHRINE and The Broadways. This is a political, anthemic, in your face release of songs that will blow you away. F.T.W. are keeping the D.I.Y mentality alive. They plan on making the Bay Area punk/hardcore scene a fun place again by doing what they do best, having a shit ton of fun!

Co-Release with Asian Man Records


Demo Tape 7"

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

This is where it all started. This is the Demo Tape re-mastered and released on a 7". The Honor System formed from the break-up of The Broadways. This Demo Tape 7" features the original lineup of Dan Hanaway (Broadways), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Nolan McGuire, and Rob Depaola (Broadways). This is before their debut release on Asian Man records Single File. Dan Hanaway sings on Fool's Gold and Facelift, Tim McIlrath sings back up vocals on those two track and lead vocals on the unreleased track Single File. Tim McIlrath went on to do Rise Against. Ten years later this is released via a co-released 7" between Solidarity Recordings and Underground Communique Records.

/300 - Black Ice Black
/100 - Fireside Clear Red (Solidarity Exclusive)
/100 - Lake Shore White (Underground Exclusive)


Bow and Quiver

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Kylewilliam Campol and crew return for the proper follow up to 2008


First Press:
/100 Green
/400 Black


2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Aspiga from Collingswood, NJ have joined Solidarity Recordings and will release their debut-full length "Tense" July 13th 2010. With influences from Osker, Jawbreaker, Hanalei, Fingers Cut Mega-Machine, and Desaparecidos.


Solidarity Benefit Comp. Vol.1 - Plea For Peace

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

The Plea for Peace Foundation was founded in 1999 by Asian Man Records


The Siren Sound

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Four Star Alarm come at you from Chicago, IL. Their debut full length, The Siren Sound (mixed by J. Robbins), features members of The Bomb, Strike Anywhere, Noise By Numbers, Horace Pinker, Explode and Make Up, and The Reputation.

Track Listing:
1. Street Walking
2. Vultures
3. Degeneration Kids
4. Skin and Bones
5. Levitate
6. Clairvoyant
7. Cities In Dust
8. On My Own
9. Knife
10. Under Control
11. Uninvited
12. M.I.A.

*Vinyl coming soon!



2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Final Methadones Record! 5 new tracks, plus 11 others from previous releases! More info coming soon! Final show November 13th in Chicago!

/300 - Black
/100 - Clear Red (Solidarity Exclusive)
/100 - Clear (SRC Exclusive)
/100 - White (Interpunk Exclusive)
/100 - Clear Green (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Vinyl on Solidarity, CD on Asian Man


The Devil, And Death, And Me

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Run, Forever is an Indie/Punk band currently rooted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the vein of Against Me, Desaparecidos, Titus Andronicus, and Neutral Milk Hotel, backed with hard working DIY ethics. (and some of the nicest folks ever!)

"The Devil, and Death, and Me", is a testimony to their close friend and guitar player Corey Wolfram who passed away last year. I, Randy, am super honored and happy to release this record, not only because i love it to death, but from what ive read and heard, the record pays tribute to a solid dude that the other members absolutely adored!

Track Listing
1. A Sequence of Sad Events
2. For God or Gold
3. The Grand Illusion
4. There's Only Today
5. When It Wont Leave
6. No Truth
7. 10,000 Leagues
8. Graves
9. The Devil, And Death, And Me
10. Lifted


First Press:
/140 Black w/Screened Jackets

Second Press:
/300 Purple with Printed Jackets

Bad Timing For Everything

2011 · Solidarity Recordings

Track Listing
1. Lighthouse Ahead
2. To Indiana
3. Stress and Color
4. North
5. Brooklyn Nights
6. New Face of Blue
7. The Disconnect
8. Sally May
9. Broken Humor
10. God & Devil



2011 · Solidarity Recordings

A sort of discography of The Honor System! Includes Demo Tape, Single File, and 100% Synthetic...19 total tracks. Members were in The Broadways, Tim went on to do Rise Against, some members went onto Whale Horse. Demo Tape has never been on CD, and Single File (Asian Man) and 100% Synthetic (Double Zero) have been out of print for years!

Track Listing:
1. Fool's Gold
2. Single File
3. Facelift
4. Nails
5. The Blaming Game
6. Saints
7. Decompose
8. Facelift
10. Fool's Gold
11. Muffled By Concrete
12. Sit Pretty
13. Wax Wings
14. Clockwork
15. Replacement Parts
16. 100% Synthetic
17. Finding Color In Grey People
18. Witchhunt
19. Conquistadors


Linde Allé

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

1. My Old Friend Regret
2. I Heard Midwest Skies Are the Best
3. Project New Orleans
4. Atop the Eiffel Tower
5. Fucked Up Kid (Crimpshrine cover)
6. Memories of Love
7. A Kind of Revolution
8. Lake Michigan Nights Over the Pacific (LMNOP)
9. F#ism
10. And Jingo Was His Name Oh!
11. Kara's Song
12. Catch (The Cure cover)
13. A Tour Through My Eyes
14. Final Words


Escape Artists

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

1. Slightest Sleight of Hand
2. Like A Funnel Cloud...
3. Tightrope
4. Live to Regret

/100 Clear (Solidarity Exclusive)
/100 Clear Orange (Band Exclusive)
/300 Black


Can You Spare Some Change?

2010 · Solidarity Recordings

Side A
1. Fifteen - Caroline (Jawbreaker Cover)
2. For The Win - Middle (Fifteen Cover)

Side B
1. Hanalei - Petroleum Distillation (Fifteen Cover)

/300 Black
/100 Clear Blue (Solidarity Exclusive)
/100 Clear (Interpunk Exclusive)
/100 White (Shop Radio Cast Exclusive)
/100 Clear Red (Brick Gun Records Exclusive)


Split 7"

2011 · Solidarity / Brick Gun

Split 7" between southern California's Joyce Manor and northern California's Big Kids.

1. New In This Light (JM)
2. Midnight Service At the Mutter Museum (JM)
3. Pig Through A Python (BK)

SR025 / BGR004

First Press:
/100 Sky Blue
/100 Turquoise
/300 Black

Second Press:
/100 Clear
/100 Teal with Black Marble
/300 Baby Blue with Black Marble

Kiss the Ring 7"

2011 · Solidarity / Quote Your Pulse

New 7" from Berkeley, CA's The Atom Age! Two new tracks and two cover tracks!

Track Listing:
1. Kiss the Ring
2. The Witch
3. You're Missing Out
4. I've Been Thinking


First Press:
/100 - Grape Kool-Aid Clear Purple
/100 - Bottom of the Sea Turqouise
/300 - Dark Black

Solidarity 2011 Opening Day Sampler

2011 · Solidarity

Here it is, the Solidarity Recordings 2011 Opening Day Sampler! I absolutely love baseball and music, so what better way to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year! 30 teams = 30 tracks! Hope you enjoy this, and enjoy the 2011 season, to me there is nothing better than baseball and music!

The sampler will be available starting March 31 and will stay available through the month of April!

Also, follow/check out my baseball blog I run called Sunflower Seed Chronicles @ Go Padres!

Track Listing:

1. The Methadones – Murmurs In The Dark
2. Stickup Kid - Powerbomb Compliments Of Captain Insano
3. Wayne Arms - And Jingo Was His Name Oh!
4. The Mighty Fine – Steel, Wood. Fire
5. Run, Forever – No Truth
6. White Wives - Another City For A New Weekend
7. Know Your Saints – Like A Funnel Cloud…
8. Joyce Manor – New In This Light
9. The Atom Age – You’re Missing Out
10. Why I Hate - As The Sun Does Set, The Cars Still Crash
11. Aspiga – Goodnight Virginia
12. These Branches – Getting By
13. The Ghost – Gem, Mint Ten
14. Slow Fade – Blighted Scenes
15. The Honor System - Decompose
16. Fifteen – The End II
17. Four Star Alarm – Degeneration Kids
18. The Wild – Everything We Need
19. Brightside - …And My Axe
20. Big Kids – Pig Through A Python
21. imadethismistake – Evasion Tactics
22. 9:00 News - Mental
23. Hanalei – Petroleum Distillation
24. Anchor Down – Red Ink
25. Creature Colony - Fingernails
26. Noise By Numbers – Cold Embrace
27. The Magnificent – 1981
28. For The Win – Or Does It Explode?
29. Extract - Avenues
30. Hanover Saints – Nailed To The Letter