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The Atom Age

In 2008 Ryan Perras (drummer for The Queers 2006 ā€“ Present) along with Peter Niven, Brendan Fyre, Matt Diamant, and John Murgueitio formed The Atom Age. The band plays a refreshing brand of big sounding, horn tinged, Punk Rock ā€˜Nā€™ Roll. These five young guys are true believers in the spirit of the genre and are doing all they can to revive it. By combining catchy melodies, demanding riffs, and hectic sax lines, The Atom Age has created a truly unique high energy sound that pays a resounding salute to the music of decades past.

Ryan Perras - Vox/Guitar, Peter Niven - Vox/Guitar, Brendan Frye - Sax, John Murgueitio - Drums, Matt Diamant - Bass