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Big Kids - Phone Home CD SR030

The sophomore LP from BIG KIDS (Oakland, CA) is exactly what you need...urgent and passionate music with more than enough melody to keep you singing along, and just enough jagged edges to remind you it's real. Recorded in a flurry of stress and creative energy, the songs here are a step forward for the band and the listener, but hardly a departure from what connected so many people to their first record. Listen to this loud, and with friends.

Track Listing:
1. Pier 14 Locals
2. Reflecting on Rejection
3. Groundhog
4. Dad's Datsun
5. I Am A Romantic Comedy Dude
6. Catchers Mitt
7. Vaccine
8. 68%
9. Jokes
10. 42 Hours to 2073
11. Fuck the Party
12. Full Gainer

*Vinyl via Protagonist Music / ADAGIO830
*CD via Solidarity Recordings
*Tape/Cassette via Mountain Man Records

Out July 12th!