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Noise By Numbers / The Magnificent Split 7" SR035

Noise By Numbers from Chicago, IL and The Magnificent from the UK team up for a new split 7"! Two new tracks from each band! A rad friendship, two rad bands! Enjoy! :)

Track Listing:
1. Southgate House (Noise By Numbers)
2. Lost Luggage (Noise By Numbers)
3. Don’t Send Me Flowers (The Magnificent)
4. King of the Denim Jackets (The Magnificent)

Co-release between Solidarity and Drunken Sailor Records (UK)

Out 11/15/2011!

NOTE: The press will be on random colors, so I have no idea what cool colors will show up! Until then, itll just be listed as "Mystery Color"! But no matter what, you will get color!

Pressing Information

Info coming soon!