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Call For Arms - S/T CD SR040

CALL FOR ARMS were a band from Spring Valley, CA; a suburb of San Diego. Formed in the summer of 2001, and to this day, never have truly broken up. Just on a long-lived hiatus of sorts! Last show played was in 2004 with Jeff Ott (Fifteen). Members have gone on to other bands: For The Win, Breaker Breaker One Niner, Run Barbara Run, Wayne Arms, Wardogs, Worth Every Scar, Save Amos, and a ton more. Also, Solidarity Recordings and La Escalera Records have been started by former members. These were the last recordings and basically make up the debut full length (10 unreleased tracks and the 3 from the 7"). These songs were a huge part of our lives. Hopefully they still stand strong all these years later. Thanks for the amazing memories.

It's only fitting this is Solidarity's 40th release! :)

Track Listing:
1. Help'em Back Up
2. For the World, For Eachother
3. Any Other Way
4. The Pope, And His Candlestick, In the Confession
5. Guns Don't Kill People, Cops Kill People
6. An Arguement Worth Having
7. Today, No Tomorrow
8. Trash Cans
9. Talk Not Bomb
10. Sweetwater
11. Today. No Tomorrow (7" Version)
12. You Wanna Go Where Everyone Knows Your Name (7" Version)
13. Guns Don't Kill People, Cops Kill People (7" Version)


*Out 1/10/2012!