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The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12" LP/CD SR041

Force Majeure is the debut full length of The Shell Corporation. Recorded by Jamie McMann at Motor studios and Chris Hesse in his garage. Twelve tracks of pure goodness to the ears! For fans of Dead To Me, Hot Water Music, and Against Me.

Track Lisitng:
1. Fuck ‘Em
2. False Bill of Goods
3. Bread & Circuses
4. It’s Over Now
5. All of The Best
6. A Scrillion Scrieces
7. What If?
8. Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying
9. Broken Hearted Loser
10. Quantitative Sleazing
11. Ozymandias
12. Dust to Dust

Pressing Information

First Press:
/100 Clear Red
/100 Clear Blue
/100 White
/200 Black