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The Shell Corporation - Time & Pressure CD SR044

"With their new Time & Pressure EP, The Shell Corporation are poised to change the face of…"no, wait…"The Shell Corporation have gone back to their roots while also pushing the boundaries of…" ugh... even worse. "Time and Pressure will change the way you…" Goddamnit. You know what? We made a new EP. We locked ourselves in a smelly room, poured a heroic amount of Jameson into our livers and when we came up for air we had written six songs that my girlfriend described as "six more songs". So then we went and locked ourselves in another smelly room with our good buddy Jamie Mcmann and he made these six songs into something my mom describes as "a very loud way to delay being a responsible adult". She didn't exactly say that. She said, "that's very nice, Honey", but all the same, that's what she was thinking.

Anyhow, the new EP is called "Time & Pressure" and it comes out June 5th on Solidarity Recordings.

Track Listing:
1. Shit Just Got Real, Son
2. Not Me
3. Looking For a War
4. Nonviolence is a Luxury
5. Organize the Committee (For Public Safety)
6. Seantonamo’s Lament

Preorders start Tuesday 5/22!