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Cerce - EP 7" SR047

*Pronounced: sert-zay

Female fronted hardcore out of Boston, New York, and California! This EP blows my brain up! They love everyone and hope that their music helps motivate people to pursure their dreams and feel less alone!

Track Listing -
Side A:
1. Mare
2. Weary
3. Choices

Side B:
1. Concussion
2. Libel
3. Fornication

Pressing Information

Second Press
/100 Clear Green (Cerce Exclusive)
/100 Clear Blue (Unfun Records / Moshtache Records / UK Exclusive)
/100 Pink (Solidarity Exclusive)
/200 Clear

First Press
/100 White (Solidarity Exclusive)
/100 Gold (It's A Trap Exclusive)
/100 Black (Cerce Exclusive)
/200 Random Color Vinyl
/100 Clear Red (Deathwish Exclusive)