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The Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine Split 7" (Individual or Bundle Packs Available) SR048

A brand new split 7" from two of my favorites from California: The Shell Corporation & The Mighty Fine. Two new tracks from each band, fantastic art, and TWO new tracks from each band!!! This is the follow up to The Shell Corporations debut full length Force Majeure and their EP Time & Pressure. As well as the follow up to The Mighty Fine latest full length In Revival!

Track Listing:
1. Ex-Parrot (The Shell Corporation)
2. Atlas Needs A Hug (The Shell Corporation)
3. Weathered (The Mighty Fine)
4. Dead-Ended (The Mighty Fine)

Corelease between Solidarity Recordings & La Escalera Records

Pressing Information

/100 Clear Blue
/100 Clear Green
/300 Random Color