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Civil War Rust - The Fun & The Lonely 12" LP SR049

For the first time on Vinyl.....Debut album from this East Bay pop-punk band with TONS of buzz about them! Recorded by Willie Samuels (Green Day, Pinhead Gunpowder, Samiam, etc…), this is one of the few 'perfect' albums of recent memory, from start to finish. For fans of Alkaline Trio, Pinhead Gunpowder, Pegboy, American Steel, etc…

Track Listing:
1. Whipping Star
2. Walking Down Ward
3. Mayday
4. Freight Train
5. Balloons and Bouquets
6. Legalized Romance
7. Seven Down
8. You've Got A Friend
9. Hymns of the Canary
10. Diving
*Will also include a special 11th bonus track exclusive to the vinyl release

*Limited Solidarity Bundle pack:
(1) - Copy of record on Coke Bottle Clear /125
(1) - 12" Civil War Rust Slipmap
(1) - Button Pack
(1) - Sticker Pack

Vinyl Out end January / beginning of February 2013 via:

Solidarity Recordings
All For Hope Records
Say-10 Records
La Escalera Records

Pressing Information

/125 Coke Bottle Clear (Solidarity Exclusive)
/125 Clear Red (All For Hope Exclusive)
/125 White (Say-10 Exclusive)
/125 Clear (La Escalera Exclusive)