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The Ghost - This Pen is a Weapon 12" LP SR045

"On their sophomore release, the Ghost have evolved beautifully into an arty but bitter postpunk act capable of sophisticated songwriting" - Revolver Magazine, 2004

Music does not get any more honest than this. Chicago based The Ghost, by way of Berkeley, CA, is ready to share with you their sophomore release, This Pen Is A Weapon on Some Records. This is reality. This is your heart sectioned and left out for the world to examine. If you are looking for the next band in a trend to slap a catch phrase on, or an album to keep you up at night pining over lost love this is NOT it. The Ghost is the raw sincerity you have been looking for.

Fueled by a desire to do something new and jolt people into self-realization, The Ghost has written one of the most sincere albums of this generation. "This sound is our lives, our hearts and our shadows. Our energy is raw. Our energy is passionate. We are deep into the struggle and committed to excellence. Either you are with us or you are not." This is the statement The Ghost lives their lives by. They don't care what brand of jeans you wear or what your self-proclaimed status is. The Ghost is not afraid to tell things like they are.

The Ghost began in 2001 after the disbanding of melodic punk upstarts The Wunder Years. Brian Moss singer/guitarist of both bands, set out to start something different. The Ghost sprouted their roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, but soon realized that some real changes needed to be made so the entire band headed east to Chicago, IL. Now rooted in a city that spawned bands such as Alkaline Trio, Haymarket Riot, and Rise Against, Chicago was the new home for The Ghost.

Brian Moss from The Ghost went on to do other projects: Hanalei, Olehole, Great Apes, Caught, etc

Track Listing
1. Broken Ears/Poison Hearts
2. Exorcism in the Key of A Minor
3. Mad Max Was an Amateur
4. Banished and Loving It
5. ...And Now for My Disappearing Act
6. The Skin We Shed Has Stories to Tell
7. A Letter from God
8. Modern Restless
9. We Shall Persist


Out October 29th 2013

One time limited pressing

Pressing Information

/100 - Burnt Orange 12" (Solidarity Exclusive)
/200 - White 12"