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Run, Forever - The Devil, and Death, and Me 12" LP/CD SR022

Run, Forever is an Indie/Punk band currently rooted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the vein of Against Me, Desaparecidos, Titus Andronicus, and Neutral Milk Hotel, backed with hard working DIY ethics. (and some of the nicest folks ever!)

"The Devil, and Death, and Me", is a testimony to their close friend and guitar player Corey Wolfram who passed away last year. I, Randy, am super honored and happy to release this record, not only because i love it to death, but from what ive read and heard, the record pays tribute to a solid dude that the other members absolutely adored!


1. A Sequence of Sad Events
2. For God or Gold
3. The Grand Illusion
4. There's Only Today
5. When It Wont Leave
6. No Truth
7. 10,000 Leagues
8. Graves
9. The Devil, And Death, And Me
10. Lifted

*Vinyl Back In Stock! The Purple are gonna be with actual printed real jackets of the actual art from cd, printed labels that match art, color vinyl, and poster insert.

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140 - Black Vinyl / Screened Jackets, Poster Insert
300 - Purple, Printed Jackets that match actual CD art, Poster Insert,