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imadethismistake - Bow and Quiver 12" LP/CD

Kylewilliam Campol and crew return for the proper follow up to 2008’s It’s Okay with an epic document showing of the most shimmering elements of the band’s post-punk side. Ten propulsive and giant-sounding tracks form an amazingly cohesive effort, featuring horns, piano, and shout-alongs in addition to imadethismistake’s signature heart-on-sleeve spoken-word/sung delivery. Refreshing in the short attention age, ‘Bow & Quiver’ listens spectacularly as an album and tells a compelling story from start to finish. For those unfamiliar with imadethismistake or the band’s previous work, ‘Bow & Quiver’ marks an excellent starting point that should appeal to fans of bands like Hot Water Music and Cursive equally.


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/400 Black
/100 Clear Green