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The Honor System - Demo Tape 7" (members of The Broadways, Rise Against, & Slapstick)

That's it, plain as can be: the original 3 song demo tape from Chicago's the Honor System as a 7". Co-release between Solidarity Recordings and Underground Communique Records.

Why you ask?

Well for 1: Both Randy and I (Justin) are completist nerds, let's just get that out of the way.

...and 2: there's an exclusive song that didn't make it to the Single File album...interestingly enough called "Single File".

...and 3: it doesn't hurt that this era of the band was when Tim McIlrath was playing bass and indeed singing lead on the unreleased song and obviously singing backups on the other two. Tim, who went on to be in Rise Against, was in a lot of bands in the 1998-2000 range(RA, the Killing Tree, Arma Angelus)...and Rise Against was the one that took up most of his time and we know how THAT panned out for him.

....and 4, 5 & 6: the recording is great and they're still one of our favorite bands and this was an excuse to get to put out a record together.

This is where it all started. This is the Demo Tape re-mastered and released on a 7". The Honor System formed from the break-up of The Broadways. This Demo Tape 7" features the original lineup of Dan Hanaway (Broadways), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Nolan McGuire, and Rob Depaola (Broadways). This is before their debut release on Asian Man records Single File. Dan Hanaway sings on Fool's Gold and Facelift, Tim McIlrath sings back up vocals on those two track and lead vocals on the unreleased track Single File. Tim McIlrath went on to do Rise Against. Ten years later this is released via a co-released 7" between Solidarity Recordings and Underground Communique Records.

Solidarity Recordings 013
Underground Communique Records 038

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Pressing Information

/300 - Black Ice Black
/100 - Fireside Clear Red (Solidarity Exclusive)
/100 - Lake Shore White (Underground Exclusive)