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Wayne Arms - Linde Allé CD

Wayne Arms from San Jose, CA has joined Solidarity Recordings & Asian Man Records and will release his debut solo full length record titled "Linde Allé" March 22nd 2011. What does it sound like? Who knows, you be the judge, labels/categories are silly! If you enjoy sincere in your face lyrics/tunes, then this record is for you. Think old Against Me, meets Billy Bragg, meets Ace of Base...jk, with some other stuff thrown in!!? haha Who knows!! Pretty rad stuff, check it out! Features Wayne from For.The.Win. (vocals/guitar)...but this is nothing like that really in any sense, totally different cup of coffee! Hey, Randy from Solidarity contributes some lyrics/art on the record, if thats not enough of a reason to check it out, i dont know what is haha!! Seriosuly, give this record a listen, you will love it!

1. My Old Friend Regret
2. I Heard Midwest Skies Are the Best
3. Project New Orleans
4. Atop the Eiffel Tower
5. Fucked Up Kid (Crimpshrine cover)
6. Memories of Love
7. A Kind of Revolution
8. Lake Michigan Nights Over the Pacific (LMNOP)
9. F#ism
10. And Jingo Was His Name Oh!
11. Kara's Song
12. Catch (The Cure cover)
13. A Tour Through My Eyes
14. Final Words