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The Honor System - Single File - 12" LP (Damaged Jackets)

Not: These are being sold as is. These copies that are left have some jacket damage. I will sell the best of the damaged copies from best o worst as orders come in. Thanks

The debut full length from one of Chicago's greatest bands. THE HONOR SYSTEM played emotionally and politically charged punk rock; complex music with thought provoking lyrics in a similar vein as early Jawbreaker, Jawbox, or Hot Water Music. Featuring ex-BROADWAYS guitarist/vocals, Dan Hanaway, and drummer, Rob DePaola. First put out by Asian Man Records on CD, after 8 or so years, Solidarity Recordings is pressing this great record on vinyl. Included will be liner notes from Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Chris McCaughan (The Lawrence Arms, Sundowner), Brian Moss (Olehole, Hanalei, The Ghost), and Randy Stahl (Solidarity Recordings). Truly a great record, by a great band. If you love The Lawrence Arms or the Broadways, you will for sure love The Honor System!

Track Listing
1. Nails
2. The Blaming Game
3. Saints
4. Decompose
5. Facelift
6. Flight
7. Fool's Gold
8. Muffled By Concrete
9. Sit Pretty
10. Wax Wings


Pressing Information

Clear Orange with Black and White Splatter is /400
White with Black and Orange Splatter is /100