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The Honor System - Collection CD

A sort of discography of The Honor System! Includes Demo Tape, Single File, and 100% Synthetic...19 total tracks. Members were in The Broadways, Tim went on to do Rise Against, some members went onto Whale Horse. Demo Tape has never been on CD, and Single File (Asian Man) and 100% Synthetic (Double Zero) have been out of print for years.

Track Listing:
1. Fool's Gold
2. Single File
3. Facelift
4. Nails
5. The Blaming Game
6. Saints
7. Decompose
8. Facelift
10. Fool's Gold
11. Muffled By Concrete
12. Sit Pretty
13. Wax Wings
14. Clockwork
15. Replacement Parts
16. 100% Synthetic
17. Finding Color In Grey People
18. Witchhunt
19. Conquistadors