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New Release Announcements: Run, Forever, Noise By Numbers, Crow Bait!

Hey everyone! Hope all is well! Super excited summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner! Not just because I'm tired of the summer heat, but also because there are a lot of new releases on the way! Lets tackle them below!

Release announcement #1: Run, Forever - A Few Good Things 7"! Out 10/25/11! Just in time for Fest 10! This is a corelease with Eager Beaver Records out of Japan! :)

Release announcement #2: Noise By Numbers / The Magnificent Split 7"! Out 11/15/2011! This is a corelease with Drunken Sailor Records out of the UK! :)

Release announcement #3: Crow Bait - Three Tickles Guy 7" (members of Iron Chic, Sister Kisser, Jonesin', Wax Phantom, Halfway to Hell Club, and Make It Plain)! Out sometime in October 2011! This is a corelease with: A.D.D. Records, Dirt Cult Records, Lost Cat Records, Drunken Sailor Records (UK), Eager Beaver Records (Japan)! Six times the fun! :)

Awesome, right?! I'm pretty excited! Track listing and artwork can be seen in the store! Preorder info coming in the following weeks! Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the continued support!


Posted on September 20th, 2011