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The Shell Corporation Joins Solidarity Recordings / French Exit/Signals Midwest 7" + More!

Burbank/San Francisco’s own The Shell Corporation have joined / teamed up / signed over its life to Solidarity Recordings. The debut full length Force Majeure will now be released via 12” Vinyl/Digital, out April 2012, announced by Solidarity Recordings.  Previously the full length was self-released, and available digitally from Death To False Hope Records. The band continues to tour in support of Force Majeure and its Bread & Circuses 7” EP. Dates can be found here ( ) or  here (


Second, the French Exit/Signals Midwest 7" is out now and shipping! Pick it up here, at On The Real Records, or Interpunk! These turned out rad, super happy!


Next, The Mighty Fine - In Revival record is getting pressed on 12" vinyl. This is a co-release with La Escaera Records out of San Diego. This will be out in March sometime. Stay tuned for pre-order info


Last, the Burning Bridges - S/T 7" will be out early February, pre-orders for that are up now!


That's all for now! Thanks for the continued support!


- Solidarity

Posted on January 24th, 2012