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Dogjaw - Pilot Preorders / The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12" Out Tomorrow 5/8!

Hey all! Hope everyone is doing great! Awesome weather here in San Jose lately, can't complain. So today 5/7 preorders have started for Dogjaw - Pilot CD. Preorder it and you will get a rad button pack! You can see what that looks like in the store! This record will be out 5/29. These guys are rad, I can't stop listening to this record. 11 songs of awesomeness!

The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12" is out tomorrow 5/8. Preorders shipped well over a week ago. I love this record, hope everyone enjoys how it turned out!

A few other things in the works to keep an eye out on: The Shell Corporation - Time and Pressure EP will be out sometime in June. Fifteen - Buzz 12" is being worked on as I type, thats this summer forsure. Stickup Kid from San Jose, their record The Sincerest Form of Flattery will be out on 12" vinyl for the first time this summer/fall in time for Fest via a corelease. There will also be a Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine Split 7" just in time for a Novemeber European tour!

So thats whats all in the works...oh yeah... The Go Go's Tribute is coming together really awesome, super excited for this!

Thanks for the support, thats the newest updates!


Posted on May 7th, 2012