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Cerce - 7" EP Coming Late Summer! + More...

I'm super excited to announce Solidarity will be releasing Cerce - 7" EP this summer! This band rules and I consider them rad people/friends! This EP rules my brain, female fronted hardcore! This is a corelease with It's A Trap Records out of West Virginia, and A Mountain Far out of Canada. Stay tuned for all info/preorders via here and the Solidarity Facebook/Twitter. Until then check out Cerce here: / /

Also in the works still is The Go Go's Tribute record. It's all coming together nicely, should have all recordings no later than August! Super excited with all the bands involved and the track lisiting! I promise radness!

Also in the works is The Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine Split 7"! This will be out in the fall intime for The Shell Corporation European tour in Novemeber!

That's all for now, welcome Cerce!

- Solidarity


Posted on July 18th, 2012