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Cerce - EP 7" Deathwish Exclusive Color / Civil War Rust / The Go Go's Tribute!

Happy Holidays from Solidarity! Some new News for you!

First, Deathwish has an exclusive /100 on Clear Red of the Cerce - EP 7"! That is now up in their store and can only be bought from them! Snag one fast: The Solidarity White /100 is almost gone. The band will have more vinyl soon, stay tuned for that!

Civil War Rust - The Fun & The Lonely 12" is at the plant. Just waiting on tests. The plant is super busy, so I expect those by the new year. Final vinyl late January/early February. Preorders after the new year some time, stay tuned!

Finally, all tracks, all 14 of them, have been recorded for The Go Go's Tribute record. That will be announced in the new year as well. Most likely out in March, or hopefully sooner! This is gonna be awesome!

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- Solidarity

Posted on December 6th, 2012